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The skunk problem at your place would be a big trouble for you at times. They could create several problems because of several reasons out of which their ability to discharge strong smell is on the top of the list, further, they could be responsible for transmitting various diseases in humans, they could also destroy your beautiful lawns or gardens or even your porch by digging in them and building their homes in there. The major problem with their presence will be you being unable to come to know about them at your place because skunks like many other rodents are nocturnal animals so they would spend their whole day in their roosting and be active and come out of them at nights when you will be asleep. In this case, some holes, claw prints, feces spread all around or some mysterious odor in your porch or lawn or yard would make you think about the unnecessary presence of something destructive at your place. In order to encounter their presence at time and extermination or eliminate them time to avoid any big problems you should keep on checking or cleaning these places frequently.

Extermination of skunk:

Extermination of skunks refers to killing them, but killing should not be the first or only option to get rid of skunk problems. Rather, it should be your last choice. Although its elimination is undoubtedly necessary and it may include the following factors;

Traps or baits:

Setting the live traps or baits for catching the skunks that would be placed or released somewhere far away from your place would not be so difficult and also would be a humane way of eliminating them. But the following of proper precautions should be ensured such as, placing the right bait, placing the trap at right place and position, and removing it very carefully so that it would not harm you with its odor and the skunk itself stay calm, it should be made possible by covering the trap with something that will not allow the skunk to see you.

Wildlife professionals:

It could be dangerous for you to eliminate the skunks by yourself because they could provide you possible harms. So, you should approach any of the wildlife professional removals so that they could solve your problem in a fine way.

Actual extermination of skunks:

If none of the above-mentioned ways seems to be working, then the last option you would go for will be killing this annoying animal. But this too Should be done with due care. Trying to kill it without maintaining enough space from it would be really dangerous for you because it could attack you back or it could release its odor that would lead towards various diseases. So, you should kill it by shooting it with a gun from enough space that will not let its odor to affect you in any way.

Bottom line:

Though the extermination of skunk to get rid of them would not be a fine option but at times when none of any other way worked to be effective so it could be the blessing in disguise, but the following of proper way to do so must be ensured.

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